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Will 2020 be time for a change?

It’s the end of another year and for most of us, it’s a frantic rush before we can finally enjoy a few days (or hopefully longer!) off.

Once we do finally get some down-time, it's common to reflect on the past year and start thinking about the next one.

If that contemplation leads you to realise that it’s time to make some changes to your life and one of them is to look for another job, how do you decide what that might look like and how do you go about finding it? Here are some pointers to help.

  1. Think about your current role and make a list of what you enjoy and what you don’t. Then ask yourself whether it’s the job that’s making you want a change or the environment

  2. If you love where you work but the job’s not satisfying, then ask yourself what’s “wrong” or “missing” and should you talk to your Manager to see if some changes can be made or perhaps there’s another opportunity in the business you could look at?

  3. If you know that it's the environment or culture that's just not right, then think about what will be important for you in a new role i.e work/life balance, travelling distance, new challenges, career opportunities, size/culture of company, salary etc

  4. Once you’ve got your “important” list, you can start your new job search and that should include updating your LinkedIn, Seek and Trade Me profiles (or creating them if necessary) and updating your CV. Keep in mind that your CV should always be adapted to the role you’re applying for so that you clearly show the key skills and experience the company's looking for.

  5. Once you've got (4) sorted, start browsing job ads and look at contacting specialist recruitment agencies who know and understand your industry/skills/experience.

  6. Find out what you’re worth in the job market by participating in salary surveys or looking at existing statistics

  7. Read as much as you can about preparing cover letters and what to expect at interviews before you apply for a job, or contact a specialist company if you want some one-on-one support or coaching around any aspect of the job search process.

Hopefully, once you’ve done all your preparation and found a new role, you’ll have a great 2020! Enjoy the festive period and happy holidays!

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