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New to NZ or a recent graduate struggling to find a job?

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Searching for a job

As a new immigrant or a recent graduate, it can often be a struggle to get a foot in the door. There can seem to be so many vacancies, but which ones should you apply for and what else can you do alongside job applications?

Here are a few "do's" and "don'ts" when searching, that might help.

  • Don't apply for every role you see that "might fit" your background or career path. It's really important to review each role and ask yourself "do I mostly have the experience they're looking for" and if I apply, is the company likely to agree? There's no point applying for a management role that clearly requires 10+ year's experience managing people and budgets, if you've only been in the workforce for 2 years! However, don't feel you can't apply if you can only tick 5 of the 6 boxes - most companies will have some "must haves", but generally there's always room for compromise

  • Do ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and start connecting with as many relevant people as possible. Not every vacancy will be advertised and some companies may not even be thinking about hiring until they connect with someone they see could add value to their organisation. Search for companies you'd like to work for or who could benefit from your skills and experience and connect with the relevant senior staff member in those organisations and make sure you've stated that you're open to new opportunities on your profile

  • Spend some time internet searching companies that are of interest or you think could use your skills and experience and then look at their Careers page. Most company sites have that option and even if there isn't a current vacancy, they usually have the option to register your details and upload your CV. Make sure you include a cover letter that states what type of role you're looking for and your visa status (if you're new to NZ)

  • Talk to family/friends/networks and let them know your situation. Finding a new or first role is as much about using your connections as it is about completing an on-line job application

  • Don't be too restrictive in your requirements. Quite often that "perfect" role won't be obvious and limiting your applications or choice because you're searching for it, could mean you miss out on a potentially great job!

  • Make sure you have a Seek and Trade Me profile that's comprehensive and matches your CV and LinkedIn profile. Lots of companies and recruitment agencies use both these sites to search for candidates, so an up to date profile will increase your chances of being found for a new role

Finally, dedicate some time each day to researching, updating, applying and connecting, but remember to take some time out too, as it's important to balance your job search with something enjoyable! Success is just round the corner, so although it might take a little while to get traction, keep working on it and don't give up!. Click here for some other job search tips and contact us if you'd like to get some specific one-on-one help around the job search process.

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