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We offer a range of tailored, personalised services.
How to Get a Job in NZ

How to Get a Job /

Market Yourself

Are you struggling to find a job despite sending off lots of applications?  If all you’re doing is waiting for new job ads to appear and nothing else, you need to come and talk to us about how to use networks, connections and profiles to enhance your search.   

Interview Skills

Interview Skills

(1 hour minimum) - going for your first job?  returning to the workforce? new to New Zealand? getting interviews but not getting to the final stage of the process or just want to "freshen up" your interview technique?  Our tailored one-on-one interview coaching will provide you with tips and guidance on how to prepare, how to respond to questions and what you should be asking, so that you can feel confident going to any interview.

CV Review in NZ

CV Review

(30 minutes minimum) is your CV/Resume letting you down?  Do you know what to include and what not to and are you really "selling yourself"?  We'll look at these potential issues and help you write a "winning CV" for each application you make.

Your Work Style

Your Work Style

find out how your natural personality and style are adapted in a work environment and how to use that information to help you get your ideal job.

Career Direction

Not sure which option is right for you? 

Give us a call on 09 522 3921 to discuss 

Career Direction

are you happy in your chosen career?  Is the role right but perhaps the culture's wrong or do you feel you're just not progressing as you'd like?   Talk through your situation with our career coach and get professional guidance.

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