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"Tell us about yourself?"

“Tell us about yourself?”

This can be the toughest question! But equally the most important.

Your “elevator pitch” is your first opportunity to “sell yourself/ stand out from the crowd” to a potential employer in the time it takes to travel from the ground to the top floor of a building.

Elevator pitches are something we dive into during our one on one interview training, where we provide a structure to support answering this question. See here

Points to think about:

· Short and to the point

· You should be able to pull information from your CV

· What is your current situation

· What have you been involved in

· Where do you see yourself in the future

· Have an element/focus on the needs of the organisation and/or needs of the people within the organisation

· Decide where you want to start, what you want to talk about and then decide where you want to end your story

· Be yourself, feel comfortable, don’t sound like you’re reading a ‘script’

· Practice, practice, practice! Use a mirror, friends, or family until you feel comfortable and confident

Common questions:

1. Why should I hire you?

2. Why do you want to work here?

3. Tell me about yourself?

4. Why would you be a good fit here?

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