Are all your social media profiles "employer friendly"?

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

So you’ve made the decision to change your job. You’ve updated your CV and LinkedIn profile and drafted a cover letter (which of course you’ll adapt for each application!) so you’re ready to go right? – well maybe not!

In today’s social media world, it’s quick and easy to tweet, upload and post, but do you ever think about the privacy of that information and who can see it?

It’s not uncommon now for recruiters to check out potential employees on all social media platforms, so even if your LinkedIn profile looks professional, all that good work can be undone by the controversial post, tweet or photo on one of your other sites.

It’s always important to be careful about what you post on-line, but if you’re job-hunting, it’s even more critical. Before you post anything, think about who’s going to see it. Check your privacy settings and make sure you’ve “locked down” access to anyone you don’t want to see your content. View your profile as a member of the public so that you can see what you’ve left “open” – and if you’re a member of any groups that could be controversial in any way, you might want to consider leaving them.

Finally, when you’ve got that wonderful new job, remember that your current employer could also be viewing social media profiles, so keep alert to your settings and content!

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